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NEW- A Sleep Study At Home

Sleep issues are extremely common. Not being able to fall asleep, stay asleep, snoring (OSA) and daytime sleepiness are some of the most common sleep issues. Sleep disorders are more than just frustrating or annoying, they affect the quality of your life and are associated with serious health conditions.

Sleep studies
Determining if you have a sleep disorder and what type of disorder is crucial to treating your sleep problems.

Private,“hotel-like” sleep study rooms

Our rooms are more comfortable than typical sleep study rooms, you’ll feel more relaxed. This can help maximize the effectiveness of your sleep study. No need for an institutionalized setting with hospital beds, we provide a hotel like environment in private rooms for your comfort with the amenities of an upscale hotel:
Private, "hotel-like" sleep study rooms
  • Full- and queen-sized beds sheets and blankets
  • Beautiful furnishings
  • Cable TV
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Comfortable pillows

Leading-edge diagnostic sleep center with the latest monitoring equipment

Technological advances in sleep medicine have significantly improved the way sleep disorders are diagnosed. At Premier Sleep Center, we make every effort to study these advances and offer them to patients. By using the very latest diagnostic equipment, we can provide you with an accurate and highly detailed sleep study.
  • Digital diagnostic equipment regarded as the “gold standard” of sleep-testing equipment
  • Full-night digital video recording to help correlate sleep behavior with a possible sleep problem, such as night-terrors and sleepwalking.
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) to help diagnose narcolepsy and chronic fatigue, among others.
  • Complete polysomnographic study (PSG) to evaluate brain, eye and muscle movement, blood levels of oxygen, heart rate and rhythm, breathing effort, airflow through the mouth and nasal passages, snoring and chest and abdominal movement.
  • Home Screenings
  • MWT


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