Hypersomnia  If you sleep too much and have problems staying awake during the day, you might suffer from hypersomnia. 40% of people have some symptoms of hypersomnia. 


Three Types of Hypersomnia:

Recurrent Hypersomnia

– Sufferers have extreme sleepiness and require as much as 16 to 20 hours a day.

Idiopathic Hypersomnia (non-REM narcolepsy)

– Excessive sleepiness and prolonged sleep at night. With idiopathic hypersomnia, individuals suffer from episodes of non-REM sleep that may last up to two hours. Unlike narcolepsy, it does not involve suddenly falling asleep, strong emotions or losing muscle control.

Post Traumatic Hypersomnia (non-REM narcolepsy)

– Excessive sleepiness due to a physical injury or a disease in the central nervous system such as a brain injury, infection or spinal cord injury. IT usually will disappear over a few weeks or months.


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